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Blue Ridge Stables, Inc. offers a broad range of services including boarding, horse day care, riding lessons, coaching and camps. Fees for all services are listed below and may change periodically. While we strive to keep the website updated, please be aware that individual fees may occasionally change before being updated on the website. Modified 22-January-2011

Service Price Interval
Application Fee $25.00 One-time-Fee

Boarding Fee

$700.00 Per Month
Dewormer $15.00 Bi-Monthly
Late Fee $25.00

If Boarding Fee Is Not Received By The 5th Of The Month

Service Price Interval
Lessons on Own Horse $50.00 Per Session

Lessons on Stable Horse

$50.00 Per Session
Group Lesson $40.00 Per Session
Outside Trainer Ring Fee, Boarder $15.00 Per Session
Outside Trainer Ring Fee, Non Boarder $25.00 Per Session
Tack Up $10.00 Each Time  

Call 30 Minutes In Advance

Private Turn Out $50.00 Per Horse Per Month

Stall Bound Horse

$75.00 Per Horse Per Month
Layups $50.00 Per Horse Per Month
Leg Wrap/Unwrap $8.00 Per Horse
Tack Cleaning $10.00 - $20.00 Varies Per Item
Hand Walking $10.00 - $30.00 Interval $10 per 10 minutes
Special Care* $50.00 Per Month
Horse Daycare** $50.00 Per Day
Exercise Riding $30.00 Per Horse Per Session
Laundry Service Priced Individually

Available Upon Request

Medication/Wound Treatment Priced Per Incident As Required
Blanketing - sheets, blankets$75 per month or $10 per dayAs Required-Depending on the Weather


Service Price Interval

Basic Groom
(Pick Feet/Brush)

$7.00 Per Grooming
Full Body Clip

$100.00 + Sedation

Per Horse or Pony
Clipping (ear, muzzle, legs) $25.00 Per Horse Per Session
Bathing $35.00 Per Bath
Mane Pulling $25.00 Per Pulling
Service Price Interval
Coaching at Show Day Fee



For One Customer

Each For Two or More Customers

Lesson Horse Rental



For One Horse

Each For Two or More Customers

Schooling Outside Horses $50.00 Per Session
Transportation $1.00 Per Mile, Varies on Gas Prices
Service Price Interval
Trailers $25.00 Per Month
Camps (Coming Soon)
Service Price Interval
Summer $350.00 Per Week
Christmas $350.00 Per Week
Indoor Ring - Complete 2011
*   = Special Care can include giving medications, keeping your horse separated from others, etc.
** = Going on Vacation? Want to board for only a few days or weeks? Would you like someone to take care of your horses at your house? We can help.

Boarding Services include the following:
Holding for routine & emergency vet care included
Locker included with each contract
Stalls are cleaned twice a day
Hay will be provided throughout the day
Water buckets are cleaned EVERY day
Horses will be brought in and let out every day at times of day appropriate for the season
Horses will be treated to Legends (6% fat/10% protein) Pellet Horse Feed twice a day
Activities will be provided for the horses on a seasonal basis
Proper mineral supplementation requires more than just a trace-mineralized salt block. To insure good health, provide a well-balanced mineral supplement containing all essential minerals-Southern States' Equimin, for example...Equimin provides the proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, and all other essential minerals and vitamins in balanced amounts for horses on grass or mixed-hay (grass and legume) feeding programs. "by Martin Adams, Ph.D.

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