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Our facility
includes 28 state-of-the-art stalls
Each 10' X 12' stall is equiped with:
  • Rubber stall mats covered with Nafcore horse bedding.
  • Two Water Buckets
  • Powder-coated bars and hay rack
  • Corner Feed Bin with Salt Lick
  • Sliding doors with tack hardware attached
  • Completely paved throughout stables, not including stalls


Areas of Interest Inside the Stables:  
  • Locker Area contains a dressing area/restroom with Heat & A/C

  • Large 32"X32"X8' Lockers come with a saddle rack, tack hardware and enough room for all of your equipment

  • 10'X10' Wash stall remains clean through proper drainage and concrete flooring

  • Private grooming areas are provided throughout the stables

  • Break room with small refrigerato, Heat & A/C

  • Several large fans throughout stable to provide circulation

  • Information Center to post bulletins

  • Stables are complete with a vet room with holding area

  • Vet available on short notice:
    Woodside Equine Clinic, LLC
    13011 Blanton Road
    Ashland, VA 23047
    804-798-3281 (office)
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